LOL tips for the potty

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LOL tips for the potty

okay i mean the actual thing not the doing! DO NOT LOOSE THAT CUP! the one that looks like it should be for boys only that usually comes off. SERIOUSLY! jade has distance that would shame her daddy! lol!! had to dig out the soaker pads from my maternity days to put under it! and i can't find the cup to save my life. there's one place it might be but i cant get at it right now and for 1.47$ replacement the s/h is $10 :eek:

this morning jade requested her panties (ie refused her diaper and went to the sock and panty drawer) we've been doing an hour a day of panty time for about three days now and this morning that was it, she was not having the diaper, i even tried a pull up and that was a NO!! more than a few messes but as long as you catch her as soon as she starts and say 'oh no' she'd stop and run, the rest of the time she'd stop herself and run and there was a few of the big pees that were no mess at all! i think she's just so used to letting it dribble in the diaper lately. added like twelve stickers this morning! she kept drinking juice and water (chugging it!) then she'd have to pee again, it was so cute! normally not this frequent. can't wait to never see diapers again and i can see there is a light at the end of the tunnel!!!!