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Hi All, I hope you don't mind me jumping in. I've been a long time lurker to this site and and to this board since my daughter was born last year. I've found you all to be such a relief with all the worries first time mommies have. My name is Jennifer, DH is Matt and my DD is Abigail. I'm a full time working mommy and I get the chance to WFH from time to time. Which I just love.

So why come out now? Well, I really felt compelled to write a note to Kayla. I saw your post on the other board and feel like we are really in the same boat and I just wanted to add my support and assurance. DD and I have a really rough go of it for her first 7 months. To the point that I think I was just functioning day to day and felt so helpless. Colic sucks!!! And now I feel like I over compensate for that "lost" time in the beginning. I have to remind myself not to feel bad about what I am and am not doing. And what she is and is not doing. I don't nurse, but a lot of our routines that I am not willing to give up any time soon revolve around her bottle. Especially bed time, we have a bath, get our jammies on, brush our teeth sit in the rocker with her bankie and have a bottle. A lot of times she'll fall asleep in my arms, other times we just "talk", put her down and she's out. This is what I "missed" out on when she was an infant. And I am going to take full advantage of that. She does have a sippy cup during the day and knows how to use it. And I'll have to make a decision on giving up the bottle sooner than later. But that's my decision. So if you enjoy nursing that much and in the overnights, do it. Because I think its just as much for us and it is for them. From one colic survivor to another, you're doing great!! :bigarmhug:

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I know you were talking to Kayla, but I thought I'd say hi! Glad to have you. Biggrin Maia had pretty bad colic, too, and for months we fed her to sleep. Right now she's gotten to where she just wants to go straight to bed at night. She doesn't want her bottle, she just wants in the crib and will point at it until we put her in. But naps... naps are a whole 'nother story. She still wants to fall asleep with her bottle for that one and I'm not sure why the two are different in her mind. Nevertheless, I figure all the little things I've worried about along the way have resolved themselves in time, so I'm hoping this issue will, too.

Nice to meet ya and I hope to see you around more!

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Thanks! Yea, Abbie is the opposite, couldn't give two sheets about the bottle before naps, but bed time, oh boy, nothin goin until thats in hand. And all the little issues, yea me to. They are just working themselves out. And I try not to worry about "milestones". I really think she is behind a couple months only because she didn't feel right in her own skin until 7 months. So I just have to remind myself that she'll get there. She's already a different kid, a happy one at that!

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Hi Jennifer! Jump right on in. I'm sure you know this from lurking, but a great group of ladies here!

That is wonderful that she is a happy baby now! We also had a very rough time here and there but different issues. Enjoy the happy days! Do we get to see a picture of Abigail? BTW, love the name. That was one of our top 3 names if we ever had a girl.

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Welcome to our little group Jennifer!

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Yay! Welcome to the group! I lurk all the time too! I can't wait to see pictures of the little one!

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Welcome to the group!