Maia's 1 Year Appt.

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Maia's 1 Year Appt.

Just got back from Maia's one year appointment. I hate that she had to go on home and I have to come back to work. She was pretty sad from her shots. Sad Breaks Mommy's heart. Let's see, her stats:

Weight: 24.3, pretty much the same since March
Height: 32 inches exactly, up 1 1/4 inch since March
Head: (I think) 48 cm.

She had 3 shots and a finger stick for an iron test. The first time they did the iron test they came running in freaking out that it was 18. So they redid it and it was 11.3, which I guess is normal. She didn't get the MMR today (which I had been dreading). She'll get that at 15 months.

We really liked our new pediatrician. Maia kept blowing her kisses. She recommended that Maia go on Lactaid for the lactose/diarrhea issue. (She also said the molars could be causing it and that though none of them had poked through yet all of her gums back there on both sides were very puffy and red).

So everything looked fine--Momma and baby just hate shots!!

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sounds like a good appointment.. apart from the shots anyways... 3 shots and she didn't get the MMR? What did she get? I'm just curious to see how your vax schedules differ from ours... J got 2 shots, and one was the MMR...

hope the lactose free milk helps her out some!!

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Sounds like overall a good appointment. Good idea about the lactose.

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She got chicken pox, Hep A and... I want to say PCV... I sent the paperwork home in her diaper-bag with my Mom so I can't remember for sure, but I think that's it.

Next appointment, at 15 months, she gets only 2 shots: MMR and DTP. I'm not sure if that's a schedule at the hospital where we go or what. Because I think some of the other babies already got their MMRs. It's crazy how different the schedules are!

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sounds like a great appt! glad that maia likes her new doc so much! lol!!!

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Sounds like a great appt!