Is mine the only one?

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Is mine the only one?

who will ONLY eat purees?? And I'm talking totally soft, not a hint of a lump or texture purees! sigh...

A few months back, he was starting to eat lumpier stuff, but then he went on a bit of a 'strike' when we were dealing with teeth, several colds back to back and the stomach flu.

Since then he will only eat totally smooth purees. I keep trying to make it a little bit lumpy, or adding things like soft rice or pasta, and at every meal he gets some sort of 'finger food' but it's outright refusal. He's even refusing to eat his little baby cookies now which was the only thing he would regularly feed himself. And I think he's got more teeth coming in, so he's hardly eating anything at the moment - including the purees! gaahhh.. he's already too skinny as it is! I'm wondering what his pedi will say at his next appointment when she sees that his weight curve has just about flattened out! Although he does generally sleep through the night, so I have to think he's not hungry - still.. it would set my mind at rest if he'd eat a little bit more!

It sounds like all the other babies are pretty much eating whatever table food the rest of the family gets.

What do I do? How do I get my little guy to start eating 'real' food??

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Jordan still gets a puree with every meal and sometimes that is the majority of what she eats, but she does feed herself other things. So I guess I can't say it's the only thing she eats.

I know at our last appt. our Pedi said that pretty soon Jordan will slow down in her growth A LOT and she probably won't be eating much. I think he told me this so I wouldn't worry if those things happened since they appear to be normal. Are you still nursing I assume?

I wish I had some suggestions. The only thing I can suggest are "hard munchables". The occupational therapist that used to see Jordan b/c of her feeding issues suggested those. She said it was anything that is hard enough that she could safely chew on w/o getting a bite so like a big carrot or big chunk of an apple. I did try a big carrot stick once and Jordan wasn't a fan but she said hard munchables are good for working on getting them to use their tongue and sort of a segway to eating more solid foods. Of course I watched Jordan like a hawk when I did this b/c I wanted to make sure she was safe. I wish I could be of more help!

I do want to say that I think he will do it in his own time. Like so many have said, we don't know any kids in high school who will only eat purees. Smile Not to make light of it though b/c I am sure it's frustrating!

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Maia has only just started eating lumpier foods/table foods in the last few weeks. I, too, was getting worried because it seemed like other babies were eating 9 course meals and all I could get her to eat was a mum-mum and some stage 2 foods. She would spit the chunky stuff out, too.

I'm not really sure what changed. It was like one day she'd only eat small little bites of chunky food and the very next she was eating whole jars of the chunky stuff. Have you tried really small, small bites? I think I was trying to give her a spoon that was too full... does that make sense? After a week or so of her eating Stage 3 foods really well I introduced a lot more table food... for that reason and also because she started refusing to eat off a spoon. She only wanted to eat what she could pick up. She would take the food off the spoon to put it in her mouth, or she'd grab the spoon from me.

She does still get purees, especially prunes! I'm thinking she'll be eating pureed prunes until she's a teenager for their laxative effects. Wink

I know exactly how you feel and it's frustrating! Good luck!!

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jade goes on little strikes all the time, mostly when i notice her finger in her mouth! or her ear seems to be itchy. usually ends up that the molars are fighting to break out, they are the bad ones for this i've heard, lots of up and down before they actually break. jade just had one come through almost all the way, four points out, just waiting for the flesh in the middle to recede and it to be all the way, then the other three! good luck, this is when i give her lots of homemade oatmeals, stews with barley and slow cooked meat (falls apart) and peanut butter smoosh sandwiches (one slice, pb on half and smoosh it together!) banana's are okay (bung jade up if she eats too many) smoothies are a hit, any frozen fruit, splash of milk and blend, serve with their favourite straw, hint blueberries make tongues purple!!