Missed You Ladies... Family update!

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Missed You Ladies... Family update!

Hey ladies its been awhile. And if yous are a little confused... the new screen name is probably why. This is Kristine (mamakkfan09). I'm having some issues with my other account, not sure what is going on, it hates me and is telling me that my password is wrong and doesn't match my account...

But anyways.. a little update on the family. Nathan is getting soo big, and naughty lol! He can really hold his own when it comes to his big brother. He throw his weight around.. literally. He tends to tackle Lucas and climb all over him. This afternoon he sat on Lucas' head, because he wanted a toy that Lucas was laying on the floor playing with. We are having a bit of trouble with Nathan pulling his little peepee out. I have him in pull ups because he is very squirmy and hates clothes, let alone diapers. And pull ups are a little easier to get on him. So now he sits in his pack and play and pulls his little bipper out of his pull up. I understand this is normal, but the issue there is that now he is peeing everywhere. I think that he see Daddy doing it and wants to pee like daddy. But there is definatly a difference between the pack and play and the toilet. Today while I was cleaning he must have done it, because I walked past him and there was a warm wet spot on the carpet and i had seen him pulling at his pull up. So needless to say that we bought Nathan a potty and will be working on training him soon.

Which is going to be easier, seeing as I am a SAHM now. I got fired from my job the middle of June and have been home since. Which is definatly a good thing with everything that has been going on. And with Lucas starting K in the fall. We are also having him tested for AS (Aspergers Syndrome) which is a form of high functioning Autism.

We finally got Married on May 7th 2011!!! After almost 7 yrs. It was the perfect day. Everything went without a hitch. Here is a link to my pictures if yous would care to take a look!


Right now things are a little crazy. We just found out the my grandfather has cancer and he doesn't have much time left. They are unable to do Chemo because he is in renal failure. And they may soon have to stop his diaylsis, which will unfortunatly kill him. But he is so weak. We took the boys to see him tonight, to say goodbye. My grandmother has to make the final decision on what to do tomorrow. And once he is off dialysis he might have 2 wks... but probably less.

I will try to stop in more. I miss everyone from this board. I have been doing the BLC since the start of the new yr and had lost 20 pounds, but will all the stress that has been going on the past 2=3 wks I've gained some of it back. Sad

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thanks for the update. Looks like your wedding day went really well, you looked lovely!

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Hey, lady!! Been keeping up with you over in the BLC but I wanted to say hi. And I can't believe Nathan's peeing everywhere! Men and their ... stuff. LOL Good luck with the potty-training!

Your wedding was beautiful and I loved your dress. You looked beautiful!

And I'm so sorry about your grandfather. You're in my thoughts and prayers, lady!