Moving to Dawson City.... Yukon.

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Moving to Dawson City.... Yukon.

I'm wondering if you all had any tips for making a 6 day drive with the twins a little easier!

Robb finally got a job offer, but it's in Dawson City, Yukon. I can't even believe we're moving, let alone that far north!!

We live in Vancouver right now, and we could do the drive in 5 days but it makes for some very long days with stops and everything - and I'm the only driver, Robb doesn't have his license yet. So we're doing it in 6 days, and my mom is coming too, which is amazing of her! We'll be moving at the end of the month, and have to get rid of almost everything to be able to fit essentials in both our cars.

SO....Any tips or tricks for making long trips easier to deal with? Our days are anywhere from 8-10 hour driving days (that includes one hour long break and two half hour breaks or some variation of that).

So far our only ideas are toys, and my laptop for movies for them to watch. They are big enough that we can turn their car seats around, so that should be easier on them, if Robb can look back and play with them every now and again, and they can see us better. Other than that, I'm at a loss!

(I'm cross-posting this to my Parents of Multiples board as well.)

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wow what a trek! YAY Robb!! glad something panned out for you guys, i know it's been a struggle. wish i had some help have no experience here. wishing you the best of luck!

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Congrats on the job! For the car, I guess the only suggestion I would have is to have lots of snacks ready, and "new" toys they haven't seen before. A friend suggested to me to go to the dollar store or garage sales and get some new cheap toys (or stash away other toys you already own ahead of time so they seem new). That will let the toy play time last longer because of the novelty.

Good luck in the journey!

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I don't really have any advice - but just wanted to say congrats on Robb's job!! It must be such a relief for you all!!

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Congrats on the job! that's so wonderful that your Mom is moving with you :thumbs:

If you plan on spending 8-10 hrs driving a day for 5 days, maybe split that up into two 4-5hr stretches with breaks and a loooooong break in between. Hopefully your lo's still nap well, that should soak up some of the time. If you could get your hands on a portable dvd player that would help a lot.

other than that, good luck to you! it's fun to move somewhere completely new!

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Congrats on the job and I hope you'll love your new home and city!! :bigarmhug: Maia always loves to play with my phone... I don't let her have it ever unless I really need to distract her. LOL If all else fails maybe you could try that... otherwise, I agree that 'new' toys are the best distracters, so hide a few now and/or hit your local dollar tree.

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Yes, I'm liking the new, small toys idea.

It's a little deceitful - "Dawson City" isn't actually a city, there are only 1200 people or so, and there isn't much to do, either lol But I guess we'll manage!

thank you all for your kind words! We're pretty excited!

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Congratulations! What an exciting adventure!

Do they like music? You could try getting some toddler music to listen to in the car. Find something that doesn't annoy you, though.

We like Lullaby Renditions series. We have the Bob Marley and U2 cd's. It lulls them to sleep, or at least calms them down. Don't listen to it if you are tired when you are driving, though!

We also like Ralph Covert. Here is a link to my favorite song of his! Kinda catchy!

Also, if you can listen to Pandora in your car, find the Toddler Radio station. They have lots of silly songs!

Good luck on the big move, and keep us posted!