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Embrace Your Pregnancy


I'm so happy, ladies.

My original OB for the pregnancy with Maia told me, at my 9 week appointment, that my Hyperemesis and back pain were basically all in my mind. And then she said to me, "You need to embrace this pregnancy into your life or you are going to lose it."

That was the day I got a new OB. Blum 3 And though he wasn't the best thing since sliced bread, at least he got me Zofran. LOL

I'm just so proud to see my comment up there. I love that site! Biggrin

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Well congrats on getting your quote up there but what a douche! (The doctor that is.)

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some docs just haven't got a clue! wtg on getting the word out!

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What a jerk! Good for you for getting a new doc. and yay for being published!