Nakie Baby

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Nakie Baby

I'm sure it's just a phase, but what do you do about nakie baby?? Maia will not keep clothes on now. And at night she'll strip out of her PJs and then get mad because she's cold. She has blankets in the bed, but of course is not potty trained yet... I keep telling myself that at least she'll be able to pull down her pants when it's time to potty train... looking for the bright side, right? LOL

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I have had people say that they cut the feet off the footed pajamas and put them on backwards so the zipper is on the back. I dunno if I would be able to cut them up though!

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Oh yes! A total phase. Alison is doing it too!

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LOL bonus of having the dog, 'jade put your panties back on or puppy will bite your tush'!! def phase! at least i hope, mommy still likes to run the house naki not that i get to anymore!

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Jordan runs around in just a diaper all morning and then usually ends up with only a shirt and a diaper after her nap. The only times she is fully dressed is if she is going to bed or if we are out of the house! She has been partially taking off her PJ's but she only does that after she is awake for the morning. So far I have been able to get her to keep her diaper on, thank goodness. I have much better luck if she has a diaper that snaps on rather than velcro. The velcro is way too easy for her to undo.

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Thanks, ladies. Glad to know my little nudist isn't the only one! Ashley, I think I'm going to try that trick with the footed jammies because last night when I checked on her she was asleep, completely naked, and had peed all over the bed!! Gah!!!