nasty MMR

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nasty MMR

The Ped. warned me that about a week after the vaccines, she might get a fever and feel bad. Well, it was almost 7 days exactly. She also got another tooth Friday. She has had a fever and been crabby and just awful for 2 days now. OMG..... it has been awful. Fever hasn't been any higher than 101, but she has felt really bad. I've been giving tylenol and motrin alternately, but it doesn't get her through the night. Also, she doesn't want to eat hardly anything. I think that's the teeth pain. She won't eat anything unless it's completely pureed. No solids like mac and cheese or whole fruit. :mad: The only exception to her rule seems to be cheese. Ugh....

I am so ready for this to be over with, and my happy baby to be back.

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Oh, poor little thing...and poor mommy! I hope she feels better really soon and you can both get back to normal.

I am really dreading it with D&R, they get theirs on the 18th. I will stock up on some meds and be aware any problems.

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Oh, no!! Sad I'm sorry Isabelle is feeling bad. I hope she gets to feeling better soon. A tooth on top of all of that?? I hope she (and Mommy!) are getting some rest.

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Poor little Isabelle! I hope she feels better soon!

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I will not give the combination MMR to either of my kids. My DD had it when she was 1, and she ended up - 7 days later- with the measles rash, a fever for 5 days over 101, and she got an ear infection too (with no accompanying cold - which is also listed on the MMR side effect list). It was AWFUL. The rash bothered her so much, and she was miserable.

DD will be due for a booster of it in a few months and B is supposed to get it soon too. I will give it, but just not combined. And especially not with other live virus vaccines (like chicken pox). I think it was just too much for little babies.

Sorry to hear your baby got sick too.

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Well, David & Rachel got their shots yesterday. Ugh - the 1 year appointment is horrible. So far they seem to be doing OK, but still gonna look out for symptoms for awhile.

I just remembered that before I got preggo they said my immunity for chicken pox was not strong enough anymore, but we went ahead with the cycle anyway because of surgery, etc... anyhow, I wonder if I might catch it from them if they react? That would truly suck.

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hope she's feeling better now. we don't want to give jade the new combo shot but don't have access to separate ones so we are postponing till 18 months (all subsequent shots will get pushed back as needed).