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we went to look at a new apartment this evening, and we do like it its 4 bdrms and we need the extra space since we are expecting again in november. Anys there is tons of storage and nice deck out back, 4 bdrms that are all a decent size, 1.5 baths, laundry room, 2 storage rooms, a storage closet, coat closet, and closet for the bathroom, as well as all but 1 bdrm, it is a split entry, very updated, sound proofed from the other unit (its a duplex), but I am really having a hard time with the fact that its 2 bedrooms on the top floor and 2 on the bottom. I really wanted to be on the same floor as the kids. Anyone on seperate floors how does this work for you. The living room/kitche are smaller then what we have now but our current kitchen has alot of waseted space, and the the heating is all old hot water so i am always scared of the kids getting burnt if they happen to touch it or cut as it is shape in places.. I am not sure what to do we did say we would take it but i am really hung up on the seperate bedrooms, I am fine with everything else and do like it... i just have irrational fears of being on seperate floors... wwyd? Any advice/opinions

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glad you found a place with enough room, the bedrooms though would be an issue for me too at these young ages. sorry that i have no advice, it was something we had to think about buying the house and just decided not to think about unless it came up! hoping someone else has some advice for you. congrats again on bean #3!!!

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I haven't experienced this, but I think it might be a potty training issue. I had to be able to help my son get up and pee in the night, and if he was on a separate floor I don't think I would have known he was up or how to help him with the potty. Other than that, I think the situation could be just fine if your kids sleep through the night.

Good luck with your decision!

PS: I also think that kids that little (regardless of gender) can share a bedroom just fine, and you could even keep the baby in with you for a while and do with just two bedrooms if you needed to.

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I would probably take it, have the older two share for now and keep the new one in me, then as they sleep through the night and are potty trained, move them to the other level.

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That's a toughie because the place sounds so nice! And I know when I was looking to buy a home that most homes that were 4+ bedrooms had at least one on the bottom floor with the others upstairs so it's hard to find any built another way. I know my cousin and his wife still have their 4 year old sleeping in their bedroom because of this same issue. Maybe if you got those video monitors for their rooms, so you could keep an eye on them that way? Good luck making a decision!!