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Please tell me I am not the only one that has accidentally hurt my baby. Enough to give him a bruise on his forehead. Sad I was getting a bag of frozen chicken out of the freezer. We have the fridge with the freezer on the bottom that pulls out. I didn't see Nathan standing there (trying to get into the freezer) and I turned around and whacked him in the head with the chicken. Sad I mean...I have accidentally scratched him before, but never gave him a bruise before. Good thing babies forget, right??

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i have been holding kylee before and i went to walk through a door and apparently made the turn a little short and whacked her head on the door frame! ooopsie! good thing they wont remember our accidents Wink

oh and ive accidently busted kylees mouth before too. she reached out for me to pick her up and she was too far away and right when i went to grab her, i realized that i couldnt pick her up from where i was (with my heavy purse on my shoulder too) and i pulled my arms back to adjust and i guess she has already leaning too far on her toes because she fell right on her face on our tile floor and she had a paci in her mouth and it busted her gums and blood was everywhere. i felt so bad! i cried right along with her! luckily she still loves me Smile

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I was putting Alison in her car seat and bumped her head on the door. I felt like such a jerk! She cried big crocodile tears and I thought my heart was going to break.

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I'm guilty of running Jordan into a door frame while holding her and bumping her head while getting her into the car as well. Of course she is guilty of hurting me just about every day so I guess we are even? Wink Today she slammed my phone against my ankle bone (ouch) and the other day she hit my collar bone with a remote (ouch ouch).

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yep yep and yep on all counts! hit jade with frozen veg and stepped on her because i didn't see her that close. hit head on car door, hit on door frame, bonked head into tub changing bum, bonked head in the tub, scratches.
the worst for me was the first one, home two days from the hospital with her, i was standing, dh was sitting on the floor helping with a bum change and i dropped/threw the tin of peneten cream at him, bounced off the carpet and hit her in the forehead. I cried big alligator tears, she was better before i was! they really do forget. and she's gotten me pretty bad too, head butts, bites, scratches, smacked with toys, other objects (not always by accident!) learning curve having another body in our space!

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You are definitely not alone. Lots of cuddles afterwards help!

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Ouch!! The babies--toddlers!--are far sturdier than we know, I think! Today Maia fell off DH's lap and into the floor. Sad She had fallen asleep on him and he dozed off, too--and you can see where this is going--she rolled off him! He was mortified and so upset with himself. I let him read your posts so that he'd feel better.

Maia was fine--madder that she was woken up than the fall, I think!! Luckily they were sitting in a chair that's pretty low to the ground already so that was a huge plus!

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Yep, I've bonked Katie and she's bonked me! That girl has given me more busted lips than I can count - she slams her head against my mouth like it's a game (trying to get me to kiss her?) and I feel like It's gotta hurt her too!