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so how did it go this year? jade was sooooo spoiled! and was not thinking toddler attention span! took two days to open it all!! lots of books and flash cards and some movies though, TONS of playdoh! cars and little things. breakfast was sugar and more sugar! we were all too excited to stop her! candy cane and chocolate and more chocolate and cookies, finally mom (me) stepped in and insisted she eat some banana and grapes with some water! the crash was epic! dinner was fantastic! her favourite toy? all of them!

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The girls made out like bandits, and still have to exchange presents with my brother. More than 2/3 of the duplo is still in its boxes and has been hidden downstairs, to be brought out when we need the distraction of a new toy, or rewrapped and given back at her birthday (it's all from us, and she got over 12 duplo sets ... in addition to what she alreay had). She loves loves loves her duplo, but I think her favorite new thing is actually the fp cell phone that is supposed to be Gillian's.

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Sounds like the girls got great gifts!! Maia's biggest hits appear to be the Kid Tough camera (her daddy has a ton of cameras for all his movie making adventures so she loves having her own), the Weebles Treehouse and the Fischer Price Jr Lego set.