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QOTD 10/13

To go with the naughty thread, what are some sweet things your LO does?

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I was a puddle of Mommy goo last night because I put her in the crib and she looked up at me, clutching her stuffed monkey in one arm, and used the other hand to wave 'bye-bye' at me. OMG, I was gooooooooooooo. ROFL

  • I love that she dances with joy when DH and I come home from work. She just shakes that butt and dances over to us.
  • She plays 'pi pie' with her stuffed Olivia doll and it's just the cutest thing I have EVER seen.
  • If you ask her for a sugar, and she's in a good mood and not busy, she'll run up and give you a big smacking kiss. She also blows kisses to us all the time. Faster than coming to give us an actual kiss, I think! Wink
  • She loves my hair but is always a little too rough with it. So I say 'gentle' and she will rub my head just as soft and sweet.
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She gets so excited when I come home from work. She will give you a hug whenever you ask for one and will randomly say "love you". She is a sweetheart.

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I usually get a hug and kiss when I get him up in the morning without even having to ask for them.

He will smack you, but as soon as you say no, he will gently rub your arm.

Randomly comes up to me and lays his head on my lap.

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yes the 'sugar' is the best! the sweetest biggest hugs and kisses!
if you have an owy (how do you spell that anyway?) then she gets the most concerned look on her face and will give the spot a kiss then you get a big hug and kiss!
most of the time she is so great at sharing and will at the most unprompted moments offer you her toy or snack to share!
the one that melts my heart the most, the 'i'm tired' snuggles, where she just walks up and melts right into you for snuggles and it's like a whole body hug!

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Jordan can be such a toot but then turn around and be so sweet.

*Jordan will give us a kiss if we get hurt.
*She randomly says "hi" in this very nonchalant tone. We will be playing and all of a sudden she waves at me and says "hi", usually accompanied with a smile.
*Now she says "hu" (hug) and puts her arms out. She is doing it all the time right now, even if she is back in her car seat and I'm driving, lol.

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she still lays her head on your shoulder like shes a little baby. i love it!

she will give hugs when you ask for them and sometimes kisses. and she puckers those lips when she does. its hilarious.

if she hurts you, she will give you a hug and kiss right after .

she loves her brother and gets so excited when he wakes up from his nap, she will scream ry ry! and run up to him and give him a big hug. melts my heart! she always wants to hang on him and will try to give him random kisses throughout the day. she hardly gives us kisses, so he must be special.

her dancing to victorious and icarly songs and to random commercials. so frickin cute.

she hugs and kisses her stuffed animals. so sweet.

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I LOVE it when DH comes home from work. She takes off running yelling DADADADA over and over. Once he picks her up, she turns around, looks at me and says "Bye bye" LOL Man she is such a daddy's girl.

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Annabelle loves to give hugs and kisses. She is protective of her younger cousin, not letting him get close to the stairs when he's over playing. Loves to try and help with chores, like mopping the floor and laundry. My favorite is how gentle she is with her sister, loves to give her kisses, and tries to entertain her during tummy time on the floor.

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Hmm sweet thing that Nathan does.... Lately he will crawl up on my lap to snuggle and watch TV and if he has a drink he will share it with me.