QOTD 10/20

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QOTD 10/20

Any other harry potter fans on the board?

I just recently saw the movies except the deathly hallows. So no spoilers please! I am on the 3rd book and I am hooked. I told DH that I want to go to Universal Studios to see their whole section dedicated to the movies/books. I think once I get a job and caught up on bills, I may have to drag him there with me! It's only about 3 hours away. Something to look foreword to I suppose. Smile

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BIG HP fan. I used to mod on a HP board. LOL My favorite book is POA, though they're all really good. The movies were great, too, though I didn't like some of the changes they made.

My favorite character was Ron Weasley. I just loved that boy and his magical family. He was the heart and soul of the books for me.

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I have never read the books or seen the movies. My dad loves the series though!

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love harry potter!! just started watching the 1st deathly hallows last night on VOD (dh was too tired to stay up for all of it!) can't wait for the rest and to see the last one! great books and get progressively darker as you go on, but i couldn't put them down!

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Big fan of both the books and the movies. Own multiple copies of all the books (hard and soft covers), and own all the movies. Probably going to have a hp marathon during the next growth spurt.

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LOVE HP! I've read all the books... didn't like #6. Haven't gotten to see Deathy Hallows yet. Made DH sit through a HP marathon a couple times, usually everytime that I get a new movie. Hermonie is my favorite character, Luna too I think.

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I read the first three and most of the fourth but never finished the series. I loved them though! I've missed the last couple of movies, but I love the ones I saw too. I guess I'm a fan but not a fanatic? It really is a great story.

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Oh yes, I've read all the books and seen all the movies. I couldn't find someone to go to the last movie with me because DH doesn't care about them (he used to go, but now he's my babysitter), and my friends mostly dont' either! So I managed to find a friend who would see it for the second time and we saw it in 3D. I really liked the last movie - I'd highly recommend it.

The only thing I didn't like about the last movie (and I don't think this counts as a spoiler) was that the "flash forward" I don't think Ginny looked old enough. She's supposed to be at least 30 at that point and she still looked really young.

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Someone already spoiled the last movie for me. They posted it on facebook and then everyone was like, "OMG how did you not know?" Geesh! Cause I haven't seen the movie yet!