QOTD 10/28

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QOTD 10/28

Do you have your ears pierced?

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Yup, I've got 4 lobe piercings on the right side, and three lobe and three cartilge piercings on the left side.

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Yep! Two holes in the left ear and three in the right. I have not had Alison's done though... I will wait until she is old enough to take care of them before I will get hers done. Probably around 8 or 9.

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yes but i hardly wear earrings in them. I usually wear earrings once a year on my anniversary. Lol Kylee's had hers pierced since she was 5 months. If I ask her where her earrings are, she will point to them. Smile

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I have two holes in both ears, but never use the 2nd one anymore.

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yes, double pierced in each lobe, but like pp mentioned I rarely wear earrings. DS stuck his finger through one of my hoops and yanked it out when he was about 10mo and now I only wear them on totally kid free days! Lol (Luckily it popped open so my ear didn't rip, but it still hurt like crazy)