QOTD 10/29

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QOTD 10/29

If you have halloween decorations up, can we see them?

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i have some up! ill take a pic later tonight when its dark so you can see the lights and stuff! Wink

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Here's my house! We have strobe lights that will go in front of the skeletons, but our corner is the bus stop and the kids like trample through our yard and carve in our trees so DH didn't want to take the chance of them stepping on the strobe lights. Also, there is a green creepy cloth that hangs on the white part behind the happy halloween sign, but it was windy today and part of it fell down. :rolleyes: We will have to hang that back up tomorrow. Also there is spider web in between the pillars that connects to the house but again..the wind.. oh and we have a blacklight in our porch light fixture but it looks red..so weird!

This is our first time living in a house on halloween together (yes, we have lived in a handful of apartments for 5 years!) and so we are slowly building up our decorations, so we don't have much this year! But next year IT IS ON! Lol

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That looks great Ashley! We don't even have a pumpkin yet ...

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We have pumpkins, but we haven't done anything with them yet. I was afraid to put them out this weekend because we have a lot of ornery pre-teens in our neighborhood and I thought the kids would be upset if they got smashed.

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Your house looks awesome, gal!!

We have 2 pumpkins on the porch and a fall wreath. I have a ton of indoor decorations... all safely in storage because of some little gal's sticky fingers. ROFL

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No decorations up...but we do have the pumpkins that we carved on our porch. I will take pictures tonight when they are all lit up!