QOTD 10/4

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QOTD 10/4

Poop. How often does your LO poop?

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This kid poops 5 or more times a day! Drives me crazy! And DH isn't much help. He uses the excuse that he works. Yeah. He might change 1 or 2 a WEEK. Doesn't seem very fair to me. Ok vent over.

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Usually 2 or 3 times every other day. She is, however, a peeing machine. I mean, soaks diapers. I have to cut her fluids off or she wakes up with a soaked bed. Even the 10 hour diapers can't hold it all!

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Annabelle has 1-2 a day. Been lucky and everyone else has been changing her this last week.

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Our pedi refers to Alison as a lazy pooper! HAHA! She only poops about once a day and needs prune juice every day to make that one poop happen! Poor kid. If you want to be happy, you gotta be regular! HAHA!

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jades about a 1-2 a day, if she misses a day her attitude shows it! yep prune fruit cup here when that happens!

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every other day here. i like it that way lol

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once or twice a day. Often the sitter will get it though, lol.

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I'm jealous. SEVEN poops today. His poor butt was so red. Sad And yeah...I had to change all of them.

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Once or twice every other day. Lil Miss is a lazy pooper to! Smile She requires fruit to help her. She absolutely will not drink prune juice.