QOTD 10/7

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QOTD 10/7

What are your plans for the weekend?

Yeah...can't think of anything today!

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No real plans this weekend. Just my regular grocery duties and assorted errands. What an exciting life I lead! ROFL

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hmm, nap, play in the backyard, shopping with SIL (routine stuff), dh has monday off so sitting on my butt watching him play with jade! nothing spectacular, i might make the turkey if i feel like it!

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Not much. We might go to the beach tomorrow after church. Thrilling...LOL

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Nothing but cuddles planned for today and tomorrow, was supposed to have thanksgiving dinner tomorrow at my brothers, but my nephew has a bad ear infection and had an adverse reaction to the antibiotics, so that got cancelled. Monday is potluck thanksgiving here.

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Nothing too exciting here. Got a free computer the other day from Noah's school so we are working on getting that all set up and ready to go. And Noah is gonna take it easy for another day or 2 so his neck can heal. For those not on facebook, he has a cervical sprain from doing somersaults. Doing much better today already. I also want to get the camera out today and get a good pic of Nathan to frame. Older boys had school pics, now we need one of little dude! (Without paying an arm and a leg for it!) Smile

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Well, it being Thanksgiving we are going over to a friend's place on Monday for dinner. Tomorrow we are moving some of our storage things to another place, and adding some more to the pile. Our tiny apartment needs to get rid of a lot of what we have in it, to make it bigger in here. Then we're rearranging the furniture in here to set up a bigger table so that I have somewhere to craft/sew finally!

I can't wait to get all this stuff out of here!

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Nothing and I am ok with that!

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