QOTD 10/9

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QOTD 10/9

What are your hobbies?

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Reading, walking, and shopping.

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computer, reading, walking, shopping, when the mood strikes crafts!

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Writing, reading, watching Star Wars... I used to read and collect comics until both Marvel and DC pissed me off so royally that I stopped buying the comics. Saves me $50 a month, anyway.

Another strange 'hobby' I have is finding short-cuts. I love nothing more than to find a short-cut through town that I've never used before. But that's not really an organized hobby. ROFL

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Running, going out with friends - is that a hobby?, learning about food and wine, traveling, and I also enjoy reading when I have the time. I do admit the playing WAY too much Words with Friends as well so I guess I should add that!!

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My fav is theater (acting or directing), but it's pretty time intensive and I haven't done it much since the kids have been born. I also really enjoy sewing, mostly costumes. As for what I can manage these days, pretty much reading is it.

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singing, shopping, computer, and hanging out with my kids. I have also become very good at making bread so I guess I can add that too.