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QOTD 11/4

Have you ever been in a car accident?

PS- I need more question ideas!

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I've been a passenger in two minor fender benders, but thats it. DH is a fantastic defensive driver, which is needed with all the crazy idiots on the road here.

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I don't want to jinx myself by saying no! I have bumped bumpers with another car before, but there wasn't any damage and the guy said don't worry about it. I have also hit a construction sign (again no damage) and backed into a post at a gas station. That one messed up my trunk, but no real damage to the post. I had my trunk fixed, no problem. The vocational school I work at has their own auto body department, so anything that's wrong they could probably fix for me at cost.

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we were in a wreck a few months ago, a woman rear-ended us while we were at a stop light. apparently her kids were being bad in the backseat and she was messing with them, looked up saw green and just slammed on the gas. we had to get our whole back end replaced..and of course no damage to her car...we were in the same kind of car too! the kids were fine though..thank goodness for 5-pt harnesses!

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When I was 16 I was driving with a friend to the comic book store and was turning left when a car hit me. It was ruled my fault, but I swear they sped up to hit me.

A few years ago I was pulling out of my apartment's parking lot when a guy backed right into me. That was not fun. Luckily no one was hurt, but my car was severely dented.

Then when I was almost 8 months pregnant with Maia I had sort of a rolling stop into a car at a light in front of me. No damage to either car but it earned me a night in L/D. Maia kicked the monitors all night and they let me go in the morning.

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august 2005 I was coming back from toysrus with my oldest who was 3.5yrs old at the time and I was distracted and had to slam on the breaks because the light was red. I hit a car in the middle of an intersection, hit the back end of the side, no one was hurt thankfully. After we hit I saw someone laughing and gave a nervous laugh, which was actually perfect because then Andy laughed and said " ERRRRRR BANG! hahahaha do it again Mama!"

my insurance has been crazy high ever since :mad: apparently it's supposed to come back down again after 7yrs....we'll see

another time i was a passenger travelling down the highway when someone was coming home from church and just drove across the road without even checking for traffic, we t-boned him and wrote off our van. i was bruised and shaken up but we were ok

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lol been in a couple, legitimately not my fault on all but one! and all the cars malfunction, brakes locked, accelerator stuck while going in reverse, things like that. no one ever hurt though so that's good!

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I was in one a few years back...the idiot decided that he needed to switch lanes right that moment but failed to realize that I was already in that lane.

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I was 17 and leaving my high school when I was rear ended while sitting at a stop sign. Some douche bag was trying to race another guy down a residential street. He slammed on his brakes and slid his car sideways so that the side of his car hit the whole back bumper of my car. Then he took off... Thank goodness for the other guy who he was trying to race. He gave me the guy's home number and his dad was not too pleased!!!!

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I've been in 2. 3 if you count the time I wasn't in the car and someone else hit it.

1 was in 2006 when an 82 year old woman ran a stop sign and I hit her going 50 mph. Totalled my car.

1 was in a parking lot. We both backed up at the same time. Only a tiny scratch on their back bumper.

And one was when an old man backed into my car while I was babysitting.