QOTD 6/10

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QOTD 6/10

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

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I would change my lips. They're so thin. I am jealous of all the plump lipped people. Maia's got her father's lips, nice a full. I was so happy about that! (I know I could use, what is it, botox? But I don't think so. I'll just live with what God and my Momma gave me. LOL)

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My stomach! I would love to get a tummy tuck some day.

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LOL! ditto Kristi, tuck that tummy and i'd be ecstatic! that or at least get rid of the cellulite on the thighs! noticed that the other day in my swim suit!

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just it have to be only one thing?

2 of the major things that i am getting fixed for real are my nose and a tummy tuck. ive already been to a plastic surgeon and everything. I am trying to get tricare to pay for half of the tummy tuck because my stomach muscles need to be repaired badly! they are over 3 inches apart! :eek: we wont even go there on the stretch marks..they are grosss.. ill thank my giant babies for all of that! and my nose is huge and just bad all around. my plastic surgeon asked me when i broke my nose..ive never broken my nose!

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Off to go look at a picture to see your nose! lol

I would love some laser hair removal. Lots of unwanted and very dark hair. :/

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You girls are too funny. Tomorrow's question needs to be what do you LOVE about yourself!

If I could change one thing it would be my shoe size. In Sneakers, I wear an 11. In dress shoes I wear a ten because my feet are really narrow and will slide out of an 11. In an ideal world I would wear a 10.5 but that doesn't exist in the stores, only in special order (or in old people shoes!)

Note: You'd think I was tall... but I'm only 5'6"

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"ash0110" wrote:

Off to go look at a picture to see your nose! lol

I would love some laser hair removal. Lots of unwanted and very dark hair. :/

ROFL you know whats even more hilarious.. my stepmom swears up and down that my dad broke his nose too (she is some how convinced i broke mine?? shes a bit looney) but of course he hasnt... we have the same exact nose!

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Ugh...seriously, only one thing!?

Yeah, I'd have my nose done if I have to choose one thing. I hate it.

ETA: A tummy tuck would be nice too! Twins are rough on a belly...and boobs. *sigh*

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Screw it. My one thing is my appearance. I would change my appearance. That's a lot of things in one, right? :vibes: Tummy, boobs, laser hair removal... I agree Hannah, twins are rough!

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hmmm... i'm not a big fan of my nose - but don't know if I dislike it enough for surgery! Slightly bigger boobs? I seriously miss my pg/early nursing boobs! Wink

Final decision... I'd lose about 1" of length off my legs - I'm 6' tall, with very long legs - I have a hard time finding pants that fit, and losing that 1" would make life soo much easier! (and I could occasionally wear a small heel shoe and not feel like a freak! LOL)

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My level of patience. I have so little most of the time and really would like to naturally (without effort since I KNOW I can work hard to change it) have more. It makes me crazy honestly.

Physically? My teeth. I wish they were a bit straighter. Everything else CAN be changed, just need to work at it Wink