QOTD 6/12

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QOTD 6/12

What is your favorite song?

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F*** (or forget) you by Cee-lo! Smile

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angel by shaggy! or follow me by uncle kracker. both are songs that have outlived any other song as they are dh's songs for me!! it's funny, follow me started because he'd come home from work at 2am and i'd be asleep on the couch waiting for him and he'd sing it to me as he led me to bed all half asleep!

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Hope by Shaggy, and Iris by the goo goo dolls.

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This question is so hard for me. I have so many favorites! But the #1 song on my IPod at the moment is "Get Ready" by Rare Earth.

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My current favorite is The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars.

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"ash0110" wrote:

My current favorite is The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars.

Mine too! And Siggy LOVES it she starts dancing whenever it comes on

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I would say "Yesterday" by the Beatles, although "Always a Woman to Me" by Billy Joel is a close one... Smile

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Probably Always by Bon Jovi.

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omg Mara, that is too sweet. I almost started crying lol I've been so emotional these days!!! (Don't say it!!!!!)

My favourite song right now is Pumped Up Kicks by.... Foster the People. I don't know why... I love the beat and I can't get enough!!

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Amazing Grace by Chris Tomlin and
You're The Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me by Gladys Knight and the Pips and
20 Minute Workout by DJ Kool

Yes, I'm all over the spectrum Biggrin