QOTD 6/16

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QOTD 6/16

What do you do to de-stress?

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I am learning to crochet...I find it to be very relaxing.

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Usually if I am super-stressed I just go to sleep and tell myself I'll think about it all tomorrow. I'm like a less high-maintenance Scarlett. Wink

But for everyday stresses I usually just watch TV, read a 'comfort book' or get online to chat with friends. Talking it over with DH always makes me feel better and getting baby kisses from Maia, too. And recently, bike riding has helped me to forget my stresses.

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Usually I watch something funny or call someone. Sometimes I go for a short drive to get a yummy drink from somewhere. I used to take baths but now my bathtub is full of toys. Wink

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scrapbooking! i love looking at the pictures and just going back to that time. thinking about those memories. im usually scrapping a funny pic of my kiddos and it always brings a smile to my face Smile

sometimes i will pull out the scrapbooks and go through all of the pages i have already done. i love seeing the smiles and funny things my kids do!

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Run. Shop. Drink wine Biggrin

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Read a book or play with Annabelle. Baby hugs and kisses are the best destressers around.

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I like to read, but if the kids are around that's near impossible... so I will take a long shower. I can't hear their noise over the sound of the water. Smile I also like to shop, and if I don't have any money to spend, I will go to Big Lots and just push the cart through all the aisles, since I know I can afford anything I want in that store! Biggrin

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usually i come on the computer and just putter around, chat with friends, catch up. when i have a good book around and i can i love to read. long hot showers when dh is home to play with bug. baby snuggles are always the best!!!
lol Kayla! my tub too, somedays i have to make the effort to remove the toys from the bathroom to help not think about it!

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Surf the 'net.... or if I'm really angry/stressed I usually need a nap to feel better.