QOTD 6/17

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QOTD 6/17

Would you rather go to the gynecologist or dentist?

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Okay, that's a toughie. I hate both but I'd say gyno because the pap-smear usually takes much less time than a teeth cleaning. LOL Now once the mams are added to my gyno appts my answer might change. Wink

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Honestly, neither really bothers me, but I'm gonna vote dentist. Smile My dentist is my father in law, and I take the kids with me and they play with the office staff while I get my teeth cleaned. Plus, I love having my teeth cleaned, such a nice feeling afterward!

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Neither both me much either. I LOVE clean teeth and getting a clean bill of health is worth everything to me. I would say the dentist though b/c I really do love the feeling when you walk out with your teeth SO clean/shiny!!

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I really don't like the dentist. But I guess that's what happens when you don't go for 15 years. Sad

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i would choose gyno. i hate the dentist. the smell, the noise of the tools, the after taste of..doctor office. no fun. plus my gynecologist is AWESOME! shes so sweet and fun to talk to and she has a son that is about 2 weeks younger than mine so we always talk about that they are into and stuff.

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Neither really bothers me, but I'll say gyno just cause it's a shorter appt.

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the dentist! i found a terrific hygienist and i get a cleaning every 3 months, it's my hour away from home, they always have my fav banana split fluoride and it's a nice walk each way! i don't actually have a gyno so i really dread getting a pap (my doc is a younger guy and just a gp, the nurses are great at distractions though!)

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Put me down for the gyno. I usually know as much or more than they do, it is a super quick appt, and one of them is kinda cute. Smile

I had a dentist appt last week, and while he is a family friend I absolutely HATE going because of how long it takes. I get so angry just from waiting every time I am there.