QOTD 6/19

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QOTD 6/19

What is your least favorite chore?

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Hmmm, anything that involves scrubbing. my back kills and my wrists hurt and it's really no fun.

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dishes. i hate touching old soggy food. :puke2:

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Right there with ya, Ashley. I even have DH change Maia's diaper after she eats since she often mushes food into it. eeewwwww.

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Least favorite is cleaning up after other people. I have no problem cleaning up after myself, or Annabelle, but other people drive me bonkers, especially if I have spent a lot of time cleaning up in the first place.

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Definitely cleaning the bathroom! I hate how it gets dirty so fast! I also dislike laundry, but now Julia is into "helping" me by folding laundry, so that makes it entertaining!

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dishes for sure. so gross. i'd rather scrub a toilet than clean dishes.