QOTD 6/20

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QOTD 6/20

Are there any tv shows that you like to watch on a regular basis?

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I'm still mourning the loss of Smallville and hot Tom Welling from my screen. Sad

Otherwise I watch:

The Voice
Ghost Hunters
Destination Truth
Blue Bloods

And anything on the Biography channel. I'm addicted to I Survived, Celebrity Ghost Stories, that sort of thing. LOL

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I love love love "The Office"

DH and I have been watching Breaking Bad. The fourth season premiers next month, and we are so excited.

We also like Mad Men!

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LOL! anything that's not treehouse or family channel! okay but really so happy that true blood is back again! and big brother! love house, united states of tara, bones.

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I watch total trash TV. All My Children, the Real Housewives of where ever, etc...

I also love to watch sports and I watch Good Morning America every morning.

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i watch way too many shows. i love reality TV! i dont know why, but watching other people act like idiots on tv is quite entertaining. but i do have my shows that i watch religiously.

biggest loser
the voice
16 and pregnant
teen mom
secret life of the american teenager
switched at birth
teen wolf
real world
keeping up with the kardashians (and all of their spinoffs, that are all a hot mess and i love it!)

i love the food network and i watch most of the shows on there too, and of course anything on mtv,vh1, TLC.

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Biggest Loser
America's Got Talent
Mike & Molly
Big Bang Theory

We don't have cable, but when I get the chance, I like:
16 and Pregnant
House Hunters
Auction Hunters