QOTD 6/3

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QOTD 6/3

Today's question. What do you do during nap time?

If anyone has a question to add to QOTD, pm me. I will try to do one most days so I will need some ideas!

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If I am at work, I usually watch a movie, hop online, or take a nap myself. At home, I clean, do laundry, dishes, cook/bake. I barely sit down when I am at home. I always feel like there is a million things to do.

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i either scrap, play online, schoolwork, clean or take a nap.

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Laundry, clean, pull weeds in the garden.

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I'm at work during the week, but she usually takes her nap stating at 12:30 so I'm on my lunch break. I talk to her on the phone right before it to tell her nite-nite.

During the weekends I usually clean up around the house, do laundry, read/get online or nap myself.

These will be fun. I'll try to think up some to PM ya!

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LOL! been trying to figure out what to do lately! usually online catching up with too many silly things and always forgetting to catch up on the not so silly things! maybe some light cleaning, rest, nap, recently did a reading spree. in the next couple weeks it will be cake decorating prep, those flowers and such take time and need to sit, what better time to do it!

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When I'm home with her, it's nap time ... only thing that keeps me going (and I have a wonderful DH that takes care of 90% of the housework right now)

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During D & R's nap time I am usually cleaning like a mad woman...plus laundry, homework, maybe cooking, and spending some time online to de-stress.

I have no idea how I will survive when they stop taking daily naps.

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I'm usually at work, but now that I'm home for the summer Yahoo I'll probably use that time to spend with DS. They never nap at the same time, so when one is sleeping I try for some one on one time with the other.

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I tend to sew while he's napping - or ironing, and other housework.

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I try and nap but usually end up cleaning, internets, or reading

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usually I always nap. I usually go to bed around midnight or 1am and the kids get up at 6am so I nap at naptime. if not napping i watch tv or clean the house.