QOTD 6/6

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QOTD 6/6

How often do you eat out? And where is your favorite place to go?

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We eat at home 5x a week, so 2x with takeout. Usually it's just fast food, pizza, or subs that we carryout and eat at home. If I were going to a restaurant of my choice, it would probably be the local Mexican place, although Max and Erma's has some really good burgers and onion rings. Smile If we go to a restaurant with the kids it's usually Bob Evans or Uno's because those places my 4yo will actually eat something.

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I'd say we eat out at least once a week, but it's usually Subway, chicken or pizza. We do get McDonald's or Wendy's sometimes.

But I love to go out to restaurants to eat. There's a great local Italian place that I love to go to. They have the best penne pasta with pine nuts--OMG. I love TGI Friday's, too. Oh, and Longhorn's has a great dessert that I just adore. I used to love Red Lobster but they did away with their seafood gumbo so I haven't been back for awhile.

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I would say we eat out about 2-3 times a week. We have cut back because of money. I think once I am off work, it will be a lot less.

Noah loves McDonalds so we go there a little more than we should. Love Subway. Favorite restaurants are Red Robin, Cracker Barrel, and a local chicken and rice place.

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Probably two times a week. And normally it is something quick and easy like Subway.

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We eat out about 3x a week... usually something quick while we are out running errands. we really need to start eating better! D & R don't eat the same meals as us, so they are still healthy eaters.

If we do go out to a restaurant it is most often a local pizza place, Mellow Mushroom. We had their 1st b-day there, and it is so brightly colored they are just happy to look around for awhile.

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Well since we have custody of Mark's 14 yr old money has been really tight. So it might be twice a month now. But it was once a week. And it usually is Subway, BK or McDonalds

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We eat out about twice a week. We like to go to Pepe's Mexican Restaurant. It is so delicious. Julia loves veggie quesadillas. Chipolte is good. So is Jimmy Johns!

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I eat out waaaayyyy to much ... working in a mall means usually eating in the food court. Trying to get better about bringing my lunch everyday.

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usually about once or twice a month. pizza once every two months or so. mcdonalds RARELY, a&w or DQ. Smitty's is our favourite place, kids eat free after 4 and every 6 meals she gets a free beanie baby! plus the food is awesome