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QOTD 6/7

Where is your favorite place to shop? For clothes? For groceries? For everyday needs?

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This question is great, cause I love to shop. Wink

For clothes I love to go to Kohl's or Dillard's, when I have the money. Dillard's is in the mall and I love going there to just walk and look around. I especially love Kohl's for clothes for Maia. They usually have good deals. I also very much love Target. When I lived in a bigger town they had one and it was wonderful. I still go but now it's a bit of a drive. For groceries and everyday needs there are only a few places to go in my small town--Kroger, Kmart, and the Dollar Store. I frequent them all. LOL

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For clothes, all over the place. Old Navy, Target, the mall. For groceries and just this and that I like to go to Fred Meyer (owned by Kroger). It is kind of like a more expensive Wal-Mart.

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For clothes I'm all over the place, whereever something catches my eye. Groceries and random stuff we tend to go to superstore, fair bit cheaper than Safeway.

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all time fav store the last year has been Giant Tiger! great little discount type store that does everything (mini walmart with better prices! lol!) plus their clothes almost always fit my families odd sizes. for groceries we do safeway, dh gets a discount on store brands and the airmiles buy our flights to see my mom.

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I am a Target addict. I like their clothes. Other places I like to get clothes for the kids is Kohl's, Carters, and Chirldren's Place. For me and the kids, I like JCPenney. For food and everything else, I like Target for the cleanliness, but WalMart for their prices.

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Where is your favorite place to shop? For clothes? For groceries? For everyday needs?

For clothes for myself, I love Macy's or Loft, although I don't really buy myself anything that often. I recently found some cute stuff at NY&Co as well. For the kids, I like Target, Carter's, or Old Navy for clothes. We do our grocery shopping at Kroger or Giant Eagle. Giant Eagle is slightly more expensive, but I like their cakes, and their produce is good. For everyday purchases (diapers, soaps, etc.) I always go to Target. If they happen to not have the item I will look elsewhere, but Target is my go-to store, and it's super close to my house.

ETA: Anyone have fresh groceries in their Target now? Ours JUST got them this week but DH had already done the weekly shopping at Kroger on Sunday. Next week I'm trying it out. Smile

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All Targets down here are super stores so they have a whole half of a store of food. Now if they sold gas, I wouldn't have to go anywhere else!

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i am a target addict. groceries, clothes, household items. for kids clothes I go where I find the deals...target, old navy, gap, gymoboree, childrens place, H&M, crazy 8 and I do a lot of kid and toy shopping at the just between friends sale twice a year.

clothes for me old navy or target, I refuse to buy nice stuff until I lose weight which has not happened in years. I like gap, banana republic, limited, H&M, The Loft, White House Black Market, Nordstrom so someday if I ever lose weight maybe I will buy something there.

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I love Target. When my DH and I had just moved and were waiting for my school and his job to start, we would go to Target for entertainment. We didn't have a penny to spend but we would just walk around, lol. That was ten years ago and now, thankfully, I can actually buy things while I'm there. Wink

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HOME! shopping here seriously sucks! lol... I go crazy shopping when I'm home in Canada!

but that happens so rarely so here I shop mostly Esprit for myself (only place with LONG jeans/pants!) For J I'll shop at H&M or Manor (swiss department store) And recently it's mostly been fabric stores - lots of online ordering from the US and from Germany for the little guy's clothes.


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Clothes: Belk and Nordstrom
Groceries: Harris Teeter
Everyday stuff: Target
Cleaning stuff: Family Dollar, definitely the cheapest place to buy name brand cleaning stuff!!