QOTD 9/1

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QOTD 9/1

Halloween costumes. Anyone decide or buy one for their LO yet? If yes, wanna share?

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Yes! Annabelle is going to be the bumblebee from gymboree. Depending on how I'm feeling, we'll either just go around the block or we'll go to the mall and trick-or-treat there. Still need to get a little halloween sleeper for little miss Gillian as well.

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Another bumble bee here! This is the costume I bought on eBay a couple of weeks ago.


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Oooh, we're not sure yet! Last year she was Yoda and a Princess Fairy but I think we'll only do one costume this year. Maybe Princess Leia, if she'll keep the hat on. I can't wait to see all the babies in their costumes!!

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I saw this costume online...


I think it is really cute but I am not sure if Alison will leave that thing on her head. So I have not ordered it yet. I want to get DH's opinion.

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Kylee is going to be princess peach and Ryan is going to be mario or luigi..he hasnt decided. Lol im hoping to find a blonde wig and everything for her. im making her costume, so ill have to post a pic of it when i start and finish it. Wink

this is princess peach for the ones that dont know who she is.

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yep getting started already since we are once again going to my bff's for halloween! i will be the witch and she's my black cat (with glow in the dark in the ears, tummy, collar and white gloves!) with a little mouse trick or treat bag and we haven't decided if daddy will be a warlock or heeheehee my broom! depends on what costume is cheaper in the long run since we have no brown clothes. totally loving these theme years! laney83 is making her a winter hat with cat ears so i don't have to fight cold ears/keeping a plastic headband on!

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I've been thinking she is going to be Chica from the Sunny Side Up Show on Sprout. That's the one character on TV that she's mesmorized by and I wanted it to reflect what she likes. The other thing I considered was Elmo, because she does love Elmo, but trying to translate that into her still looking like a girl AND being warm enough (as it's really cold here at Halloween) wasn't working.

I'm planning on making a yellow body and wings (with perhaps a pair or orange sweat pants as legs, and getting this hat off ebay. I need to order it now I suppose since it's custom and will take the girl a few weeks to knit it and get it to me. Smile

DS is going to be the Red Power Ranger.

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G is going to wear the ladybug costume that C wore her first two years ;).