QOTD 9/14

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QOTD 9/14

Favorite tv series?

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The X-Files

The Truth is Out There :alien:

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Probably top chef, although there is nothing that I HAVE to watch every week.

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true blood

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Of all time? Probably Scrubs or Felicity.

Right now it's Modern Family.

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true blood, Big brother!
then of course there's the litany of children's shows! lol! is it bad that even when she's not in the room i gravitate to phineas and ferb, wizards of waverly place and the suite life shows! lol!

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biggest loser, secret life of the american teenager, the lying game, pretty little liars, jersey shore, 16 n preg, teen mom, awkward, ridiculousness, real world.

wow i watch a lot of shows.

and i love iCarly and Victorious on Nick. I dont know why they are so good! Even my husband likes them! of course Ky and Ry love them too.

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oh and i loved Roseanne too and The Office

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Ever? All My Children. So bummed that this is the last week.

I also LOVED The Cosby Show and Brothers and Sisters.

Reality stuff my fave is Biggest Loser.

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right now NCIS LA and Bones are my must see shows, but I also like Food Network reality shows like The Great Food Truck Race.