QOTD 9/15

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QOTD 9/15

Have you ever watched a movie and at the end you were completely lost?

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yup, Naked Lunch

i was lost at the beginning, middle and end

i also hate that wtf feeling when a movie ends, like I've been cheated of a good ending, like when I watched Burried with Ryan Reynolds

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Mine was Shutter Island.

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oh yeah! there's been a few! Insomnia with robin williams was one of those, i got it but didn't because i thought it was supposed to be something else entirely!
cherie - anything M. nightshamalan!! his movies are great right up till the ending!!!

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Inception had me pretty confused at the half way point but we were watching it with the volume down and I missed half the dialogue. I watched the second half the next day with the volume up and started to catch up. Wiki helped me out too!

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The Black Dahlia. I'm still not sure what the heck was going on in that movie. It was TERRIBLE. I've only ever considered walking out of two movies, and that was one of them. (The other was The In Crowd). But after paying so much to get in, I stayed until the bitter end. LOL