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QOTD 9/29

To go with yesterdays question, what does your LO do to drive you crazy?

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When she gets told no, or when she doesn't get something she wants....she SCREAMS! A horrible scream. The neighbors probably think that we torture her.

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NOT SLEEP. Seriously, the girl wakes up at least 3x a night still after all this time. If I try to leave her cry a little she screams bloody murder like someone is hurting her. With DS I could lay him down and he would just go to sleep, but with DD I have to lay her down asleep (ever so gently and in one specific position), and then pray she sleeps for at least three hours before getting back up again.

She was always the kind of infant that if you even look at her funny while she's asleep she'd wake right up. I am seriously sick of her waking so much.

She was biting her brother - but luckily it seems we've moved out of that stage - Phew!

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Like Alison, Maia SCREAMS when she gets frustrated, angry or told 'No'. She knows not to unplug things and will walk up to the plug, say no, and smack her own hand, but do it anyway. :rolleyes: Oh, and washing her hair is a NIGHTMARE. We only do it once a week because it stresses me out so. She screams bloody murder and cries and has a tantrum over it. It's horrible and I don't look forward to it at all. LOL

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lol Amanda, too funny about Maia and the plugs. Not funny, but you know. Smile

Nathan doesn't do much that drives me nuts...yet! The occasional screech gets under my skin. He gets rather cranky in the car when he is tired. Hoping that changes once he is forward-facing.

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Rachel's latest habit is to whine and want to be carried all the time. It is killing my back and my hearing.

David throws everything....especially any food that is on his plate that he doesn't like. For the last few WEEKS all he will eat is grapes and rarely anything else.

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"ash0110" wrote:

lol Amanda, too funny about Maia and the plugs. Not funny, but you know. Smile

I know! I have to keep myself from laughing, because I don't want her near the plugs. But it cracks me up because I imagine it like the old cartoons and that she has a little Maia Devil on one shoulder telling her to unplug it and a little Maia Angel on the other telling her not too, and she just can't resist. ROFL

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kylee is a whiner and it drives me nuts. and she wont stop playing with the books on my bookcase or the dvds! DRIVES ME INSANEE!!!

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Biggest annoyance is the flop on the floor tantrums when she doesn't get her way.
Amanda - way to funny about Maia and the plugs.

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eating, she is the worst at eating some days, she doesn't want to try something, something she likes or not, then the second it hits her tongue she spits it out. she puts too much in her mouth and spits it out, she gets a funny taste and spits it out. we've mostly got her to do it on the plate and not the floor now but still, jade love you LIKE this try it and stop spitting it out!!!

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Susu is a whiner and a biter! She is the princess and what she says or wants goes and if not she whines and bites! The other kids yell watch out here comes the attack! Smile