QOTD 9/5

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QOTD 9/5

Where were you on 9/11?

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I was in school at Texas Tech. It was an 8-9:30 class and when I got back into my car, I turned on the radio like usual. I was so confused. Kiss FM was reporting live and they were talking about the concern of the second building collapsing. Shortly thereafter they reported it was coming down. I drove home as fast as I could, ran inside and turned on the TV. Then I started to understand what was happening. To this day I am upset they didn't come around and cancel class. I know it wouldn't have changed anything, but I feel like we should have been told what was going on.

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I was pg with my oldest and working night shifts. I slept through it but found out when I woke up that afternoon and turned on the tube. I went into work that night and it's all we were talking about. Ppl kept saying I should be especially upset because i was pg, they thought I should be distraught bringing a child into this world. :confused:

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I was a senior in high school in psychology class when the school news was finishing up and they announced it. We watched it on tv the rest of the day.

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I was 21 and in college but I didn't have classes on Tuesday. I am so not a morning person but that morning I got up super early and decided to go and visit my Granny and my Mom (because 9/11 is her birthday). I got to their house just after the first plane had hit and we were watching the Today Show. Granny was in the middle of telling me about how a plane had hit the Empire State Building when she was a kid when we watched the second plane hit the other tower. (I honestly can't remember if it was live or just instant playback but I remember how terrifying and shocking that image was.)

I remember just being in shock and so confused as to what was going on. Granny kept saying that she thought WWIII had just started. And Momma has not really cared for her birthday since.

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That morning when it happened I was getting ready for work, my mom called and told me to turn on the TV. I was sort of numb trying to finish getting ready for work. On the drive in, every radio station was talking about it. The freeway that I took to get to work went past the airport and all the planes were grounded. It was so strange to drive past and not see a single airplane take off. When we got to work we had a huge meeting and our CEO told everyone to go home and be with our families.

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i was in my 10th grade English class. I believe the first building got hit as we were switching classes, so as soon as we got in the classroom and sat down the teacher immediately turned on the tv and we watched the 2nd building get hit. I will never forget that crazy teacher. we were in a portable and she actually locked her door and walked around to the other side of the portable (they were split into two classes) and walked back through to her side. :rolleyes: im pretty sure the stink in that room would have scared anyone away! Lol they only let us watch it for about 15-20 mins because some children had parents and family in NY and they didnt want them to find out about their family through the news.

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i was in bed, just before the alarm was due to go off to get up for work i got a call, "OMG the states are under attack, turn on the tv" thought it was a joke at first, spent the day at work watching it on tv at the radio shack across the hall.c

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I was at work.

My mom had driven through the city the night before. I wasn't sure whether she had stayed or kept heading up to Canada. I was worried sick about her.

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I watched it in class as well, only I was the teacher. I was teaching 8th grade, and the teacher from down the hall came in and told me to turn on the TV that the first tower had been hit. We didn't really realize what was happening at first, and I watched the second plane hit live with a class full of 13 year olds. They were really scared and didn't know what was happening (just like all of us) and we let them watch TV and talk about it pretty much all day after that.

I think the worst part was when we saw stuff falling from the buildings and realized it was people jumping to get away from the fire. Horrifying.

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I was on my way to a CPR instructor class that morning, I remember sitting around with friends just listening in absolute shock.