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QOTD 9/9

Do you still live in the same town you grew up in?

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We are about an hour from where I grew up and about 10 minutes from where DH grew up.

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Yep! I actually only live about a half a mile from the house that I grew up in and that my parents still live in. I really do not think that we will move. I really enjoy where we are.

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I am still in the same county but I grew up in an extremely small town of only about 500 people in the northern half of the county. Now I live in the bigger but still very small town that's in the southern part of the county. LOL

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I live about 12 hours away from where I grew up. Blum 3

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nope! not even the same province anymore! i miss home but dont regret it.

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I'm about 25 miles from where I grew up and I miss it everyday! Both my sisters still live near our childhood home and I feel so far away sometimes.

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I still teach in the same suburb I grew up in, but we live in a different suburb (about 20 min away). We also live about 20 min from where DH grew up. Smile We chose something that was a midpoint. (Also, something that was more affordable, as prices can really vary here based on what school district you're living in. The same size house we live in how would have been $50k more expensive in the town DH's family lives in.)

So I guess the answer is YES, we still live in or near our hometown. All our family is here and we're not going anywhere. (family living within an hour drive... currently - DH - 20 people, Mine - 17 people. More if you count great-aunts, second cousins, etc.) We have never used a babysitter for our kids other than family, except during the day when we work.

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I've been here since 81, and DH spent most of his preteen and teen years here, so it is a yes for both of us.

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Nope. We are about 5 hours away from my hometown. We move a lot too.

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Nope, we're in the neighbouring town of where I grew up. But dh grew up here, we moved here Halloween '08