quick jade update

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quick jade update

latest stats on bug as per public health
height: 32 1/2 inches (2ft 7inches i had measured 8 inches on the chart)
weight: 23.12 lbs
head: 18 inches
feet 5 1/2 almost ready for a 6
tops 18 month
bottoms 6-12 month

twelve month shots are booked for sept 14 (dh and i's anniversary! yay us!) not looking forward to them since i'm not breastfeeding anymore to help her forget! we'll manage, maybe an orange julius strawberry banana smoothie after will soothe her hurt feelings! words suddenly picked up yest, she came out with 'i done' 'a bear' 'shoes' so proud, now if only the potty training would pick up again! she did great for about a month then the canines broke through and she's kinda just two or three times a day again Sad she was up to panties all morning for a while (two or three accidents but never the full deal just a dribble before she ran!!) patience is a virtue i suppose and the more she does on her own voluntarily now the easier it will be when it's the end! officially has 16 teeth now, just the two year molars left. and getting way better with utensils and colouring, she loves her sidewalk chalk!

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Yay Jade! They're getting so big now, and it's crazy how fast the skills are piling up now.

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They are growing so fast! 16 teeth wow! WTG Jade

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Yay Jade! Sounds like she is growing like a weed!!!

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I think we have some tall girls, gal!! I know I commented on this--must have been over on the BL thread. LOL I'm glad Ms. Jade is doing so well. I bet 'I done' is soooo adorable.