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Random Question

Dogs in grocery stores. Not aid dogs. Does it bother you? Or is it just me?

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It bothers me soooo much! Same with dogs in malls. I'm fairly allergic (if I'm always exposed to the dog I'm ok, but new to me dogs make me wheeze and turn my eyes red, even with minimal contact). I hate having to keep benadryl on me at all times just because people can't leave their dogs at home. But what bothers me more is people who leave their dogs in their vehicles.

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like dogs in their purse? i think its a little weird. we dont see it much at walmart, but at the commissary on base. i guess they allow it because an old woman had a little pom in her bag when we went there a few months ago. ive had small dogs before, i get it. they are just so little you dont want to leave them..mine stayed at home unless it was a trip to the vet.

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HUGE no no, and with that said we just bought a dog! i don't believe they need to be in the store or even tied up outside the store, if you can't safely leave the dog at home for a grocery run then don't have one. if you need to take your dog to a store take it to petsmart, they cater to that.

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I don't like dogs in stores (unless of course they are service dogs) either. One Black Friday I was in line at JC Penney and this chick asked if she could get in line in front of me. I look up and she's got a baby sling on... with a dog in it!!! She saw my surprise and was like "Well, I couldn't leave him at home". And I'm thinking--you do not need to be out on Black Friday with your puppy in a baby sling! I didn't let her in front of me, either. Not just because of the dog, though. There were like 80 people behind me and I didn't want to make any of them mad. LOL!

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Now I am a huge dog lover but really....dogs do not need to be in the store. Unless they have a job to do such as a service animal or are in training to become one...they do not need to be in the store. I couldn't even imagine taking my dogs to the store with me...do you know that havoc they would cause? Bad enough I take my husband! HAHA!

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Ok. Glad I am not the only one. It really frustrated me when Nathan was getting all of his rashes. I see these dogs sitting in the seat on a blanket or something. And then my kid sits in the seat and breaks out. Not cool! Now that I think about it, he did break out in wal-mart once and he was just sitting in the buggy. Makes me wonder if someone had a dog in it. What really pisses me off is when employees don't say anything to them.