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Random Questions--a new ?

Okay, here's two random questions:

--How do you switch a ff baby to whole milk? Should I mix it for a day or two to ease her into the transition? She's on lactose free formula so I'm a bit concerned for her tummy.

--What have you done with your bookshelves? Anchored them, maybe? In our den we have 5 bookshelves crammed full of books. They haven't been a problem yet because it's a pretty large area and with the couch blocking her escape route Maia's been pretty happy to play in the open area away from the shelves. But now she's wanting to explore that area. My worry here is two-fold--I don't want her to pull books or a shelf onto her head and I don't want her to tear up my books. Any advice? DH says we should just pack up the books until she's older, but the thought of them being packed away really sucks. I'm always reading and re-reading, but her noggin is my main concern here. Just not sure what to do.

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Hope you don't mind if I add in a random question too....

For those that switched over to whole milk now, how much is your toddler getting a day?

Also,anyone else dealing with overly excited toddlers in a restaurant? D & R used to be *so* good in public and we always got tons of compliments about it. But lately they are a nightmare. It is utterly exhausting taking them anywhere. When will this phase end? Do I just not leave the house anymore? Make others suffer? ugh.

Amanda - David & Rachel were on formula and we would do a bottle half milk/half formula over about a week or two. They tolerated it really well and didn't seem to miss the formula at all....and it is SO much cheaper. You could try small amounts at first - especially with the lactose issue.

For bookcases....well, they have one in their room that has baby books on the bottom shelf that they can (and do) pull out to look through. It is messy for sure. They haven't tried climbing on it yet. I do keep my expensive school books put away to be safe. Maybe just swap the ones you have with kid friendly books?

Gotta run...

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When we switched Alison to whole milk, for the first few days I added a little formula in each bottle. She tolerated it very well although some say not to mix the two together. She never had an issue with it though. She probably drinks about 4 ounces of milk, maybe 6 times a day. She would rather have real food and less of her bottle. I do put milk in her sippy cup though.

As far as the book cases...they are anchored to the wall!

Alison loves to go places...I have not had any trouble with her out in public yet!! Knock on wood!!!

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not ff here but we did switch milk for a morning feed. i just started giving her a cup of whole milk, watched her and she was fine so in the morning it's our little routine now, she gets her milk, i get my coffee and we watch cartoons or read, then breakfast and on with the day. the only time she has problems is when she gets her juice or water right after her milk (gets a little pukey, but i do too mixing milk with other fluids immediately) or when she's working a tooth and her tummy is a little upset anyway.

books are all in the computer room now which is the 'study' and off limits unless strictly supervised. her books are on a shorter shelf unit which will be bolted to the wall at some point if it shows need. before... we just kept on her, put bigger toys in front to keep her distracted away from them, raised the good books up higher and put tupperware and her books and toys on the lower shelves.

so far so good jade has been great in public, we love taking her to smitty's (family restaurant) although i am sure that the phase will hit soon if the 'at home' behaviour is any indication. i am planning pick slow places at slow times (our local place is usually empty or just a few grandparent types at 4pm which is when kids free meal starts), and re-inforce the 'public' rules for the table. again, ftm speaking though so we shall see!

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Well (obivously) make sure they are getting enough nutrients to support them without the formula. They should be eating a wide range of foods so they can get their iron, and all the good stuff that formula gives them! :vibes:

We got some pamphlets from the clinic about milk. Until they are 2-3, they shouldn't be drinking more than 3 cups of milk (24 oz) a day, because they can fill up on it and they won't eat other things, thus not getting the nutrients they need! Make sure they are getting enough iron (very important right now) and Vitamin C, too, to assist in absorption of the iron. :vibes:

I would say, like Hannah - mix the milk in with their formula. They may not even notice the change very much!

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As for the bookcases, we have one in the living room that has been anchored into the wall, with stuff we don't mind her pulling off and destroying on the reachable shelves.

We weren't ff, just before her first birthday we gave her a bit of milk in her sippy cup, and she took to it immediately, I think she nursed maybe twice after that. She's getting 5-7 ounces 3 times a day, and water between meals.

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i just flat out switch my kids over to milk, but they have some pretty tough stomachs. Kylee just cant tolerate whole milk very well. Kylee started refusing the bottle around 11 months, so i had switch her over then, and it was great! she gets about 4-6 ounces a day.

as for bookshelves, since ours got broken in half during a move, we dont have it bolted and kylee is constantly in it! but its short so i dont worry too much. dressers and changing table are usually whats bolted to the wall in our house. she doesnt climb on them, but my son did.

the toddler thing in public only gets worse. hate to say it. my son is almost 3 and is a NIGHTMARE in public. he screams and cries because he wants to walk next to the basket, then he wants to run off. yes, RUN. i cant tell you how many times ive ran through an old navy or big lots. and in restaurants he wants to get out of his chair and run around, then throws a fit if you put him in a highchair. and my son has an extremely loud ear piercing scream. yep, we are that family with the screaming kid in the store. we were at buffalo wild wings one day and he was screaming and crying so loud one of the employees came over and asked him if he wanted some ice cream (just to shut him up!) Kylee on the other hand is perfect as can be in public, i sure hope it stays that way.

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Bookshelves- ours are anchored. It's quick and easy to do, and we have toy baskets on the lowest shelf and kid friendly books in the next shelf. She can reach to the third but that has heavier books that we don't want destroyed so she gets told no if she touches them. She's learned pretty quickly what's off limits. But then we have always been a little more strict with her, she is very aware if what no means. Our oven gets hot on the doors so for her own safety she gets told no and gets her hand swatted any time she touches it, better that than be burned, and I think that has transferred to other areas. She stays away, for the most part, from the things that we tell her not to touch.

And terrors in public- we went through that awhile ago and suddenly in the last month or so she has become a total ham with strangers. She smiles, waves, and people watches the entire time. Even in the grocery store, she yells hi and waves to everyone we pass. She is so my DH in a little girl body. But with the restaurant screaming and such, i'd look for more noisy kid friendly places, or not go. Other people are paying for a nice dinner out and I think it's really sucky for them to have to listen to someone elses screaming kids. I know that before I had Charlotte I hated it when DH and I went out and couldn't even talk cause of crazy wild kids in a restaurant, it's stressful to hear a kid screaming, even my own kid! We have a couple places in our town that are VERY kid friendly, loud, full of families, and I feel completely comfortable with a loud kid there cause it's the norm. Maybe you can find somewhere like that.
Also my MIL is always reminding me to look at those moments when Charlotte is a terror as opportunities for teaching. Helps me not be so upset when she throws fits over nothing and work on teaching her some self control and patience.

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As for the milk switch, we haven't done it successfully yet for her daytime bottles. Every time I give her some she has bad diapers so we are on the "wait a week and try again" plan until there are no more sad red bottoms involved. As for the bookshelves, I say anchor them, I agree it only takes a minute and will really ease your mind. As for putting your books away, can you just put the books away on the bottom shelves she can reach? We had the bottom two shelves with kid friendly stuff and the top three with adult stuff. (ours are actually cube shaped shelves, so after a while I turned it on it's side and now it's a low wide shelf behind the couch and it works well as a sofa table as well. Smile )

Hope you find solutions to each dilemma!

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Thanks, ladies! I will look into getting DH to anchor all the shelves. And we're going to start Maia on her whole milk tomorrow. Wish us luck!

Hannah, I'm sorry that I don't have any advice on the acting up in public issue. So far Maia is too overwhelmingly interested in seeing everything around her to act up. But I can only imagine when the kids want to get down and move around that there would be melt-downs. Good luck with them. I hope they give you a break soon!

(And this is way o/t but someone a while back recommended 'Tiny Diner' mats for eating out and I just got one for Maia and I have to say that I LOVE it! Thanks for the rec!)

Now... another random question. I love teething tabs for Maia, they work really well for her. After Hyland's was recalled we used Little Teethers. We just ran out of those and wouldn't you know it--I can't find teething tabs anywhere! I did find (after going to like 10 stores) Humphrey's Teething Pellets. They look to have the same ingredients as Hyland's and LT... anyone used these for their LO's? Are they any good? Thanks!

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We've ventured out a couple more times and it seems like the loud happy squealing was a once off, for now. We always go out during very quiet times, but we also decided to always just get up and leave if it becomes too much. Especially if we start getting 'the look' from other people.

Amanda - good luck with the milk! We don't use teething tablets anymore....not sure why! So I don't have much advice there for you. Sorry. BUT wanted to say your siggy pic is adorable Smile