Remember me?

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Remember me?

Hi ladies!

Well I have been gone..sorry. Just too much on my plate all at once. JC turned 1 on the 7th and we had a big bash...for some reason taking pictures didnt even crossed my mind.

Not quite walking yet. Has 4 teeth and extremely healthy.

I will try to catch up with you ladies and your babies.

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HI!!!!! Welcome back!!!!!

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Good to hear from you! Glad things have been going well.

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Hey, gal! How have you guys been? Glad to hear your little guy is doing so well! New pics? Biggrin

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welcome back! glad to hear things are going so well! sometimes family and life need to take priority! can't wait for new pics, the one you have on the post isn't working for me, but your siggy is cute!

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Sure do! I am a MIA momma too. It's hard to keep up! Glad to hear you guys are all well.