Sam is 1!

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Sam is 1!

we just celebrate Sam's bday this last Saturday. we just had a few family members over since we just had a very large bday for our daughter. sam got a basketball hoop, bunch of cars, rocking chair and some outdoor stuff. He loved his cake and loved playing wiith his cousins.

Here are some pics. He does not have his appointment till tomorrow so not sure of his stats.








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Happy Birthday, Sam!! He's too adorable. He looks like such a happy little guy. I'm glad he had a great day!

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Happy Birthday Sam! Looks like he really enjoyed his cake!!:D

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Happy birthday Sam! He is such a cutie, and so is your daughter!

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Happy Birthday! Woo hoo!!!

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAM!!!! Loved the pictures, TFS! I love the cake pic. Biggrin

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Happy Birthday, Sam! What a happy wee boy he is!

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Happy Birthday Sam! What a handsome little guy you have there..... so glad he had a great day.

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TFS - love those baby blues! Smile glad he had a good time.

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Happy born day lil guy! He looked so happy

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happy belated birthday!!! great pics!