She signed!!!

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She signed!!!

After months and months of signing to Alison and having her just laugh at me...last night, she actually signed "more" and it didn't even take any prompting from me! YAY!!

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That's awesome. I wish I had done that with Isabelle. She'll point though..... it kinda counts;)

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Yay! It's so cool to see the bridge from baby world to English! Julia uses "more" for everything. It's so helpful and less frustrating for them to be able to communicate just a few needs, and More works for so many of those basic needs!

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yay for Alison!
I sign with J as well, and all I ever get in reply to ANY sign I make is a wave! Biggrin Hopefully it will 'click' sometime soon!

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Yay Alison!

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Great news! WTG Allison!

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That's awesome!! Great job Alison!! Biggrin Vid would be cute... Wink

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singing is the best some times!! we have signed with jade for a long time and she makes life easy when she uses it, more, done, potty, mommy, daddy, and we are starting to work on please.
this website has been great for new words, the video is easy to follow!
WTG Alison and mommy!

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Yay Alison!!!!! The only sign we get back still is "all done". But that's after us signing it first and it's usually at the end of her bath. I'm trying to be consistent with some of the basics and then when she starts to sign more I know I'll be able to remember to add more in. I REALLY want some of the "It's Signing Time" videos. Our local library has some of them though so I guess I'll just check them out.

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I forgot to say that I think sometimes she is signing "milk" but it looks a lot like a wave!