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still here....

I've been really swamped with work, so I haven't been able to read or post in a while. But, i see that we have some mommies expecting! That's awesome. I am stil not trying/not preventing, but will hoepfully really TRY in February when she turns 2.

We're doing fine. Isabelle is still nursing, but sleeping well otherwise. She is trying to transition to only one nap a day which is a work in progress, and sometimes not so fun.... She is having fun running around all day and asserting her newly found attitude. She says "no" a lot..... But she's still quite loving and sweet most of the time. She's learning to be gentle with the pets, and they appreciate her effort a great deal Smile

We're going to the beach in August with extended family. I'm really exicted to get away, but also to see her at the ocean. We went in May, but it was still quite chilly in the water. She liked it anyway, but this time will be better I think. I really really really need a break from work right now, and I'm looking forward to the down time.

One upside to work is that I got a new office as someone else left. I have a huge beautiful window now. Seiously, the sunlight has improved my working conditions tremendously. I have plants that make me happy, too. It's a little thing, but feels really big when there's been no pay raises in the past 4 years! Funny, cost of living seems to continue to rise......

We have a new babysitter that is awesome. She's young and sweet, and Isabelle loves her. They play outside and they go on "fieldtrips" to the local park/pool, Dollar Tree, and walking around the neighborhood. This siter loves our pets, which I cannot say for the previous sitter.

I guess that's all my updates. I should be around a little more. Hope you all haven't forgotten me Smile

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glad you're still with us! good luck with ttc in whatever form it takes! lol! wtg Isabelle sleeping, the one nap transition is hard we're struggling with that one too. glad she's got her own little personality that sounds like fun! teehee pets and 'gentle' mine are teaching jade all sorts of neat tricks! have a blast at the beach! oooh!! a window, congrats!!!! natural light is the best! so happy to hear that you found a sitter that is working out so well!!

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I was just wondering about you guys. Glad you're both doing well!! I hope you have a wonderful time at the beach. Lots of pics! Biggrin I hear you on the no raises for four years. The new office sounds nice, though. Glad to have you back around!

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Wow, sounds like you have been pretty busy! Sounds like things are going well though. Nice to have ya back! Smile

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Nope, you haven't been forgotten!

Glad to hear things are going well. The beach trip sounds like so much fun! I would love to take Jordan to the ocean but it's too long of a drive and our beaches are just not that pretty in Texas.

How great that you have a babysitter too. I still haven't left Jordan with anyone besides my family but sometimes I wish I had someone to call when I'm in in pinch.