Sumayyah (Lil Miss)

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Sumayyah (Lil Miss)

Is one today!!!!!! It has been a wonderful year. I had a chance to stay home and watch her grow. She has been the apple to all of our eyes. We don't celebrate birthdays with a party and so on. We do recognize that we are getting older and spend time with the women in our life that made it possible. Lil miss got a huge frog lolipop from her dad that she enjoyed. She would not cooperate for any pictures, but I did get a few from the side of her face. Smile When I can figure out how to fix my computer I will share the pics. My baby is getting big and I am so sad but elated that I had the opportunity to do it again. Off topic... My oldest daughter took a trip to the community college here today and took the entrance exam. To my delight she has honors classes. Home-school children rock! I don't believe in test. I think that they can't measure a child's intellect as children freeze during test taking, and my oldest was one of them. She always scored low, but just about received excellent scores when the test was read to her verbally. So today I received two great gifts!

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happy birthday baby girl! I've seen some pics of her on fb and she is stinkin adorable! Wink

congrats on your super smart daughter!! way to go! honors classes in college? amazing! im in regular classes in college and they are tough! lol good luck to her future education!

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Happy Birthday, Lil Miss!! Biggrin I'm so glad she had a great day. I can't wait to see pics of the cutie. And congrats to your older daughter!! That's awesome about the honors classes. You both did a great job!

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Happy Birthday! Glad she had a good time, and congrats on your older daughter's college success. Smile

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY! and congrats momma, what a wonderful few surprises!!! pls feel free to pm me any tips! we are planning on homeschooling jade as well! dh does better if tests are read to him, but then again, he's dyslexic, i hate tests and just need them broken up into shorter tests (2 short ones instead of one long sit) wtg and good luck in collage not so lil miss! wtgrow Sumayyah!!

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Thank you all. Mara anytime you have a question feel free. I love teaching them at home. I am rather relax and just let them learn at their own pace. No stress. I learned after Sekaya that testing can make some children feel great and others really bad. I still test them more so quiz them just to see if they grasp what was taught. I let the children choose things to read about in each subject. Sekaya wants to be a Pediatrician so she studied a lot of science and she also loved reading and writing. I'm a proud momma! Happy to have shared it with my friends here.

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Happy Born Day Lil Miss!

Great news about your older daughter as well - what a wonderful accomplishment!

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Happy birthday little miss! And congrats to your eldest!