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this morning i was playing with kylee on my bed and she threw her head back while laughing and i saw something in her mouth. i stuck my finger in there and it was a molar! :eek: so i pried that little baby mouth open and sure enough a molar on each side on the top have poked through. how weird is this?! she doesnt even have her canines yet! shes going to look so silly without her canines yet! ROFL her teeth come in a really weird pattern. first her bottom three came in, and then the top 4 and other 4th tooth on the bottom came in. so weird!

anyone else having really weird teeth patterns with their babies?

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from the eruption chart i was given this is normal, molars start around 13-19 months (top and bottom) and the canines are listed as 16-23 months. jade has all four molars poking through, not all the way up yet but there are four little points poking up on each :eek: it's too funny watching her figure out that she can actually chew food now instead of gumming it! congrats on getting a few through without too much fuss!

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A molar already, wow! Has it been bothering her a lot?? And good job opening that baby mouth. That's hard work!

I'm not sure the order they're supposed to come in. Maia's got her top middle and bottom middle and now one is coming in on each side of the top two.

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Mara that is so weird! i need to google that chart! my sons came in in order. bottom 2, top 4, next bottom 2, canines, molars, 2 yr molars. i guess he wasnt the normal one ROFL

Amanda- yes they were bugging her and i didnt know that was the problem! she usually goes right to sleep when i lay her in her bed, and this past week (and i think a little of last week) she has been crying for 5-10 mins some nights even 30 mins before falling asleep. i thought it was the canines trying to poke through, but there isnt much i can help with that. :confused:

I also thought she was just being sweet and chewing on that $20 sophie the giraffe just to please me :rolleyes: but i guess those teeth were really hurting her.

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Jordan got her bottom two, then top two and now the two on each sides of the top teeth. I thought molars were still a while away!

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I keep checking to see if Katie's are back there, but no molars for us yet. Glad they're both through for you - those things are a bear!

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Lil miss only has the top two and the bottom two. The top two are not all the way through yet and she has what appears to be a gap. No other teeth are coming in yet. So glad you are almost finished with the painful molars.

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J got the bottom 2 first, then the top 2. A couple of weeks ago we were surprised to notice a third tooth on the bottom when he opened his mouth at lunch time! I was totally expecting the top incisors next, since the white bumps for them and for his canines have been visible for ages... The gap between his top two is closing up now, so I'm thinking we might have some more teeth up there soon!

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Annabelle got bottom two, top two, and is just getting her 4th bottom one. Can see that the top lateral inscisors are almost there as well.

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Nathan has the top 4 and bottom 4 and then 4 molars. No canines yet though.