Thank you cards....

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Thank you cards....

I have another question for you ladies. Of the gifts that your kids received at Christmas from relatives...are you going to send thank you cards? My friend IRL said that it is silly to have a toddler send a thank you card since she has no idea who the gift was actually from. I think that it is a good habit to get into and as Alison gets older will understand the importance of being gracious. What do you gals think???

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I think you're right. This year we had her say thank you via skype for all out of town presents, and next year we'll do cards, maybe with a drawing from her inside.

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i've never been one for thank you cards (with few exceptions like baby shower) but we always do thank you's by phone or face to face. or this year grandma got a skype thank you since that was grandma's present (skype for christmas morning!)

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I don't know, I've always had a love hate relationship with thank you cards. It felt weird getting them from anything other than showers and weddings. I've never had the kids send them out but we always say thank you in person. I've always felt like I should do something more but I dont' realy care about recieveing them.

except this one time. I went to a wedding, we had to drive almost 2hrs out of town with Andy and Jack and I was pg with Daisy and we had almost no money. It was a big deal for us to make it for his cousin that he barely knows. HOWEVER, while we were there they had all the guests stand as one big group and took a picture from the top of a barn look out. They sent a thank you card to John's sister with a copy of the group picture and didnt' send us anything. That bothered me. We couldn't give much but it was a big deal for us. If you're going to give thank you cards, make sure you give them to everyone - no matter the gift they gave.