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What's everyone up to for Thanksgiving, or non-American's, on Thursday? LOL

We usually go to my in-laws for Thanksgiving but this year all of them decided to go to DH's sister's house and it's just too far for us to go since DH has to work Friday. So we'll be having a quiet Thanksgiving at home, which I'm totally psyched for. I haven't looked forward to Thanksgiving this much in 10 years (suspiciously when DH and I started dating. hm.). Wink

I'm excited Maia can eat all the good food this year. She loves turkey so she'll be a happy gal tomorrow! Biggrin

Hope everyone has a fabulous Turkey Day/Thursday!!

Oh, and who are my fellow Black Friday shoppers? Cause you know I'll be in line at midnight. ROFL (Though I wish they'd go back to 4 a.m. openings!)

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Just a normal thursday for us. Annabelle has one of her two dayhome days a week, and I've got to try an get some cleaning done.

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I would love to stay home! The morning and early afternoon will be spent driving all over the place to see family.

Then at 8:45 I have to be at work for 12 hours. For those not on my facebook, I got a job at toys r us. And they open at 9pm this year! I hope I survive!

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Oh man...retail is rough this time of year. But I will say that I ONLY miss working retail this time of year. LOVED the energy and the spirit and the fun. The key is staying happy and positive no MATTER WHAT is thrown your way!! Good luck lady!!

We had a WONDERFUL day. Ran a 5k to start the day and I set a PR. My mom won an AG award. It was fun. Came home, ate some lunch, did some prep work, and then took naps. Ate dinner around 6. It was SO wonderful and I way overstuffed myself.

Going shopping in a little while. I'm not interested in the big crowds/deals and stuff but I love shopping on Black Friday!!

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normal day here too, hope everyone had a great thanksgiving though and glad to see (fb) that ashley survived! lol! you americans have some CRAZY shopping this time of year!

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Thanksgiving was great. I had five days off so it was nice to be at home with DH and Alison. We had dinner at the in-laws and Alison is a gravy nut!!! We got our pictures taken for our Christmas card.