Tips 'n Tricks to Containing the Chaos

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Tips 'n Tricks to Containing the Chaos

The chaos of toddlers! I was thinking we should have a thread with some tips/tricks to keeping our babies entertained or out of trouble. Little hints that others may not have thought of, etc... Please add anything you can think of!

For example, when I am trying to get ready in the bathroom without being interrupted I will put the kids into the bath tub to play with toys so I don't have to fuss over them too much.

During meal times, keeping the baby's hands filled with something (food or spoons) makes it easier to use an extra spoon to get food into their belly without the baby reaching for it.

Washing hands before (and after) a meal, I fill up the kitchen sink with soapy water and lean the baby over it to splash in. I will help them with a little scrubbing then dry their hands.

During diaper changes, I give the baby a toothbrush to chew on or another toy to keep them occupied so I can get them cleaned up quickly and *hopefully* without minimal mess.

I will post others as I think of it. Please join in!

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great idea!

*this works for any age - have a bin filled with craft supplies (pipe cleaners, pom poms, finger paints, glue, tissue paper etc) You'd have to have an under 3 bin for our smallest kids but you get the idea
ETA: that this bin can't come out every day and they usually forget the bin exists. That way they get so excited and want to see all the neat stuff in there.

*don't keep all their toys in their toy box. keep half of them put away and as they get tired of their current toys, switch them out for the other ones. trust me as their stash of toys build it won't be hard and they won't miss them. make sure to keep out the favorites though.

i'll add more ideas as I think of them. I do all of your tricks Hannah! except the tub trick but it's a great idea!

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- I have a drawer of Tupperware in the kitchen that works great to keep her occupied while I cook dinner. I turn around and there are bowls and lids everywhere but she is happy.

- I cleaned out the cabinet in master bathroom and put in random Alison safe things into it so that way, when I am getting ready in the morning she can play and stay out of trouble.

- If there is something that I need to get done, I will put her in her high chair with her TaDoodles (Crayola) and tape down some paper and let her color. They are non-toxic so even if she were to chew on them they won't hurt her. Although, she could end up with blue poop! HA!

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I love these ideas! I tried the sink of water for hand washing, Hannah, and Julia got clean hands without getting me and her all wet.

I've been trying to think of tips to add, but I can't, so keep them coming! I can obviously use them!!

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These are great, ladies! Thanks for the ideas!! Keep 'em coming. I'll add any if I think of them. Biggrin

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our big distraction is itunes with the visualizer on
long walks in circles around the house
long walks in the hallway (gonna miss those!)
a phone call to grandma (take the batteries out of the second handset and let her 'talk', put the other one on speaker phone!)
we let her put the tupperware kids fridge magnets in the 5 gallon water jug, shake and dump, repeat
for hands free distraction it's usually the high chair with itunes and toys and finger foods, she can't stand not moving around though so it's tough!

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I have been meaning to come back here and add a couple of things.

*I find trimming Jordan's fingernails and toenails is much easier when she is restrained. Wink The highchair does the work of holding her for me and keeps her from crawling away.

*Jordan takes a multivitamin daily and she won't take it unless she is distracted by holding something. I make sure the bottle is closed properly and let her hold it while I give her the drops and then take it away while we cheer for her for taking it so well! She enjoys being cheered. Smile

*I keep a tote in the car that has toys I can had to her while we are driving. It keeps my car from looking like a war zone.