And we're done!

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And we're done!

bf'ing that is! it's been three days of absolutely NO booby! cut her down to just bedtimes first then after the move and seeing that the toddler bed was making things better (ie she sleeps through the night now! she was rotating and getting stuck) i decided to try the naptime ritual for bedtime, snuggles and rocking then out light a light. the next step is to get her to go to sleep without the rocking. she goes down fine for papa with her music, won't go down for daddy, goes down for naps half the time for me while still awake, otherwise she needs that comfort rock. tried CIO, and modified version, she can scream and cry for hours (modified... naptime was three hours, just a test day, not doing that again!)

MY BODY IS ONCE AGAIN MY OWN!!! now if only half of it would pack up and leave!

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I'm glad she seems to have transitioned well for you. I can understand how it will be nice when I have "my body back" as they say. I'm still ok sharing it for now but the thought of some freedom does sound nice once in a while!

I had to lol about half of your body packing up and leaving!

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Congrats on a year. Smile I do understand the "want my body back" feeling - but I'm not feeling that way with Katie yet. Since she's probably my last I'm in no hurry. Smile When i was ready to wean my son (around 18-20mo) I was REALLY feeling that way. Glad you guys are doing well, and that it was a pretty easy transition for you.

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thanks ladies! i really wanted to go longer, it kinda sucks that everything happened when it did, i had to go back on my meds after almost two years off. so proud that we were able to make it as long as we did before i had to stop! enjoy the time and bonding while you can, it's been some of the most relaxing times! (lol and stressful sometimes, but mostly relaxing!)

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Congrats! Glad everything is going well. I wish Su would sleep through the night! I too would like half of my body to pack and leave as well.

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Sounds like Jade is doing great and congrats on one year of bfing!! Jade is so cute in your new siggy pic. Biggrin

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Glad to hear the transition went smoothly.
I've had moments of 'wanting my body back' but they're pretty short lived and like PPs, I'm still OK with sharing it for now. My initial goal with J was one year - now I'm on more of a 'whenever' sort of timeline! Wink