What light weight stroller do you have?

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What light weight stroller do you have?

Hello ladies. First I would like to say Happy born month to all of the Sweet peas! Sumayyah (Lil Miss) will be turning one on the 22nd. We are not planning anything big. DH is excited to have someone to take to Chuckie Cheese again so she will probably go there. She is growing and is keeping me active all day. She has been walking since she was 10 months. I love to dress her and buy lots of pretty bows and shoes. She loves to point her fingers while talking. she only says mom, dad, Kay-yah (oldest daughter nick name) bubbles,bah-bah, halllooo(hello). She loves being out doors and she absolutely loves bubbles and pushing her lawn mower that produces bubbles. The best $10 I ever spent. So two weeks ago I participated in a recycle consignment event. ( BeGreen) I sold my stroller and bassinet, and also got a few new items for Susu there too. Now I am without a stroller. My stroller was the best but it was just too big. I want something compact yet comfortable, and with a tray. I am in love with the Peg Perego P3 I just wont pay $300 for a stroller. So my question to you is what are you using or suggest? I can't upload any pics as my computers SD drive is on the fritz. I will try to upload some soon. Thanks

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Sounds like Lil Miss is doing great!! That's awesome that she's walking and has so much to say. I bet she is just the apple of all her brother and sisters' eyes. And that's too sweet about the bubble mower. Can't wait for pics!! Biggrin

I still am using the big stroller that was part of our travel system, but my mom recently bought us an umbrella stroller at Kohl's. While I like it I keep wondering where I'm supposed to put her diaper bag. I guess that's what Daddy's for, to carry it. ROFL

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good to hear things are going so well with Lil Miss!

We recently bought a Chicco Liteway stroller

We've only used it once so far as we're still using the bugaboo most of the time and clipping the car seat in when we're out shopping. The plan is to keep it in the car for short outings once we move J to his new car seat.

It seems pretty easy to push and turn, very easy to tilt the back down for naps and has a decent sized basket underneath. The sun canopy can also be tilted forwards which I thought was a nice feature.

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my SIL bought me a Cybex Topaz stroller (overstock ships it with the 'recall' kit that is now available, i didn't use it as i don't see the point if you pay attention!)
manufacture had it marked for $300 once upon a time i got it for the $90 listed, i love it, the handle telescopes, and the basket isn't that small. it's a little bulkier when folded than the $20 ones, but it's perfect for walking around here.
pics are from around christmas (jades bigger in it!), it's meant for up to age 5 (45lbs, tall seat back) and the canopy is great, comes with it's own rain shield too.

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Thanks for all of your replies. Mara I like that stroller. I will have to research it as Overstock are all sold out. Karen I have also been looking at /chiccos as well. Will keep you guys posted.

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We have the Chicco Capri.


We have had it for like 3 years now and it's still in great shape. The canopy part is a little dirty from where the wheels fold up. Otherwise, it is super easy to use and fold up. I paid about $60 for it. It is listed on Amazon for $65. I would definitely recommend it. Smile

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overstock does more daily, sometimes it's only in different colours, sometimes the colours are different prices! i checked daily for about three days to get mine.

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So glad Sumayyah is doing well. She sure is a talker! I love those little bubble mowers too.

We have this stroller. We got it on Amazon for $54 which was hard to beat. I will say that I wish it sat up a little more upright but that is really my only complaint. Jordan sits upright on her own though so she doesn't seem to mind. It's very easy to steer, light weight, big basket and seems comfortable!


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We just use a $10 stroller. I hated it at first because I'm tall and the handles are short, but BIL did a little rigging and lengthened them for me. Love it now!