Where is everyone???

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Where is everyone???

This board is slow!! Sad

Maybe we need a question of the day or something to get the board lively again?!?!?!

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Around. DS started pre-school, DSS started kindergarten, and DH is working nights so things have been a bit crazy here lately.

I can start up the QOTD again. Could definitely use some ideas though!

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I'm here! I miss everyone, too. I would love a QOTD and maybe we should start one of those 'never-ending' or 'chat to crowns' chat threads. That way we could come on and chat.

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I'm here, busy getting ready for Oct (and how on earth is it Sept already?????).

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I check in daily! I just don't always have something to post so if no one else is talking then I move on to my other boards.

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DITTO just not much to report other than the same old everyday brags! so cute, so smart, so funny, so big, where'd the time go! lol! always game for anything to chat around!

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Just busy. DS is getting ready to start preschool, I started school a week and a half ago, so lesson planning and grading like crazy. I also work writing lesson plans for a science supply company when I have free time... Smile Whenever that is.

Today is the first Buckeye Football game, a big deal around here. Smile We also have a birthday party later this weekend for my cousin's daughter. Never a dull moment.

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I try to remember to check in very few days. We are pretty busy hereto. With kinder starting for my oldest and me being on steering for my MOPS group, just a lot going on.